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Welcoming Summer | Cleveland

I am anxiously awaiting a beautiful summer here in sunny Cleveland. My oldest is so close to her kindergarten graduation and counting down the days until she can proclaim to the world that she is a first grader. A FIRST grader! My how the time passes us by so quickly. I wouldn’t be quick to ask time to stand still but I’m certainly not wishing it away, either.

I started my “Summer List” yesterday and filled it with movies in the park, ice cream socials, and mini road trips to Ohio’s finest. I am incredibly excited to document another beautiful season with my family and fill it with rich memories that my little loves can hold on to.  So here’s to catching fireflies at dusk in nightgowns, new bathing suits, sprinklers, and fireworks.

And as excited as I am to spend the summer with my babes, I’m equally excited to catch up with old clients and see how they’ve grown. I love swapping parenting stories and reconnecting. It’s like chatting with old friends EVERY time. I have no idea how I’ve been blessed with the clients I have but I love them dearly.

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