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The Playhouse || Part 1

I’ve been slightly obsessed with designing a playhouse for my kids in the back yard. I’ve scoured the internet for design ideas and building plans and for almost 6 full years. We’ve moved during this planning phase and had 3 more children.  I was pretty close to purchasing a pre-fab kit on amazon a few months ago when I finally convinced my husband to hop on board. I love him. He takes my ideas and  turns them into a reality but he makes the project his own and always seems to “enhance” it. So… my little bitty play house will now be a soaring 12 feet. Huge. I know. It was initially 13 feet but our city restricts “sheds” to a 12 foot maximum. Sorry, babe. I’ll show progress as we chug along and also include our plans along the way.

My biggest excitement in all of this is making sure the kids help out and that we document it. I want their input and ideas on how to make this THEIR space. And much to my surprise my older kids are SO excited about this. I really thought they’d be too cool for the playhouse until we started calling it a CLUB HOUSE. And now they’re so pumped. Even the older kids down the street are excited.


Miriam was so happy to help. Cecilia was quite happy to take a little nap during the initial building phase.



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