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F*Sho || Cleveland Handmade

It was a gorgeous evening filled with gorgeous handmade furniture created by Cleveland’s own gorgeousView full post »

Sweet dreams || A little boys bedroom remodel || Tess Smith Photography

We are moving right along! Jack’s room is coming together pretty nicely. We’ve updated the electricalView full post »

Engagement || Tess Smith Photography

Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you the best for your upcoming wedding!View full post »

We moved! || Tess Smith Photography

I grew up in a city with century homes. I walked home from school admiring the differences in each home. I loved theView full post »

Well, don’t you look pretty. || Tess Smith Photography

A gorgeous afternoon, a lovely bride and her groom. Not a bad Friday.View full post »

The M Family || Tess Smith Photography

What’s not to love about a giant gallery wall filled with gorgeous prints and paintings from a spirited three yearView full post »

All business || Cleveland’s Professionals.

I love meeting up with clients who are looking for a fresh take on a classic head shot. The world is changing and headView full post »


He needed a home, and well, for the time being we have one. He sleeps a lot, snorts and grunts like a little piggy, andView full post »

Fresh || Cleveland’s Newborn Family Photographer

It’s a true joy to watch families grow. What a blessed life I have been given.View full post »

The B’s.

Every once in awhile you meet a family that you fall in love with. This family is one of ’em.View full post »

He started a revolution

During our week long camping trip my son decided to go sans training wheels.   And nailed it.   He encouragedView full post »

Red | Tess Smith Photography

It may be because I’m a redhead but I have a ton of little ginger clients. And, OH do I love them!  View full post »

Ryan and Emily

I met Ryan and Emily last year and we spoke briefly about their wedding day plans. They didn’t care about theView full post »

Welcoming Summer | Cleveland

I am anxiously awaiting a beautiful summer here in sunny Cleveland. My oldest is so close to her kindergarten graduationView full post »


Congratulations on your big day! I wish you all the best on your new life together.View full post »

Baby Dev

Hands down… the best part of the job is seeing your babies grow. What a blessing.View full post »

Melanie || Class of 2013

Melanie, you are beautiful and filled with so much grace. I wish you amazing things on your journey through life. xoxoView full post »


I am anxiously awaiting the day that baby is born.View full post »

My first.

Your first born has a special place in your heart. All your children do and for their own reasons but your firstView full post »

Snow Day

This was just a few days ago.   Cleveland, you slay me.      View full post »

Jamieson Wylde Barnicle

My daughter is 6 and sorta kinda likes a boy. I don’t want to get into too many details… but after she toldView full post »

Fireball | Matt and Taylor Married

How a man prepares for his wedding day. photo credit: Carrie HallView full post »

How we spend our days

My youngest, Felicity,  turned TWO in November. I could probably come up with a million words to describe her but &#View full post »